Total Return S&P 500 CrystalBull
YTD (Dec 12th) YTD +0.85% +2.62%
2017 2017 +21.66% +16.58%
1 cycle (2007-2016) 2007-16 +73.30% +940.87%
2 cycles (2000-2016) 2000-16 +100.03% +6188.78%
*hypothetical results based on current model
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The CrystalBull Trading Indicator
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The CrystalBull Trading Indicator Chart

The above chart shows intraday values of the S&P500, while the gauge shows the corresponding intraday readings of our CrystalBull Trading Indicator.

( HINT:  Click-and-drag left-to-right on a chart to zoom in to a specific date range.  Double-click on a chart to zoom back out. )
The CrystalBull Trading Indicator uses a proprietary model to try to determine strength and weakness in the market, and to identify possible entry and exit points.  Our hope is that this indicator may reduce the "buy-high-sell-low" tendencies of the typical investor.

From Dec. 31, 1996 through Dec. 30, 2016, following the CrystalBull Trading Indicator would have, hypothetically, produced a Total Return 70 times that of a Buy-and-Hold strategy (23260% vs. 332%), with an average compound annual total return of 31.35% APR   (The compound annual growth rate of the S&P 500 during this period was just 7.59% APR).  The Indicator had 230 round turn trades (about one per month).   Click here to see the Historical Performance of the CrystalBull Trading Indicator